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At Studio 82, we're passionate about creating. Whether it's welding, engineering, or custom metal fabrication, we handle it all, no project is too small. From grinding and polishing to powder coating, every detail is handcrafted to the highest standards.


Located in Old Lyme, Connecticut, Studio 82 offers top-notch custom fabrication, welding, restoration, and design consultation services. Situated in the community of the Connecticut shoreline, we cater to those who appreciate unique metal artwork, making it the ideal environment for artistic inspiration.


Our commitment to skilled craftsmanship and a deep passion for our work makes Studio 82 a cornerstone of the region. With each project, we showcase a mastery of material and a commitment to delivering the perfect final product. We specialize in bridging the gap between art and craftsmanship, handling all your project needs, no matter how small. 


Thank you!

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